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Hi, my name is Andrea, Andrea Polidoro, and I’m a “walk blogger”! In other words, one who writes with his feet!

Born in Milan on a cold morning in January 1970, I lived near the famous Celentano’s Via Gluck, and back in my day the city had already taken over the grass and the fields. Growing up in the suburbs, I’ve always believed that the Lombard metropolis was the greatest thing in the world. Then one day I put on a backpack and left, and since then my life has changed!

In a wandering and exciting personal journey, which took me through several parts of Europe and Italy, passing through the Sahara desert and Central America, I met a lot of people, learnt a lot of things about life and became friend with myself. In my life I have been all around the world, and the world took me back to life!

I have a diploma as accountant that I have never used, I worked as an educator, steward, farmer, warehouseman, painter, social operator, waiter, nurse, and flagship of my curriculum, I was also a friar. Yeah, those cool friars who live among the people and earn their living working like everybody. Those tough friars who plant their tent in difficult neighborhoods, poor countries, complex realities. In my life I did so many things that the so much declaimed flexibility is my bread, and I move nimbly in a world of job insecurity.

I love music! Guitarist by mistake, it took me a lot of time to understand that my true love is the bass guitar. I compose sad songs for the piano, I do simple drums rhythms and I put my lungs to a hard test looking for something decent with the trumpet. So…I seem to be better at making fun of people than making songs!

I’m enthusiast about photography, and only now I have decided to take the big step by buying the first real camera of my life. After all, I’m attracted by every kind of artistic expression!

Then, of course, I have a lot of qualities and many flaws against which I sometimes clash. Like everybody

On January 1st, 2017 I decided to quit my job leaving a secure place, to become the editor of this blog, where we talk about walking. A real leap of faith, but after the inevitable confusion at the moment of the choice, I felt invaded by the peaceful serenity of those who feel they make the right decision. This is an area which goes beyond myself and where I’ll tell how starting off a walking journey has changed the life of many people! If I’m here writing it’s because several times in my childhood I put myself in front of an old typewriter in which my little fingers painfully got stuck and the ribbon has always ended up to tangle, but it was me and a blank sheet, dreaming of start a story to tell.

Walking, you meet a lot of different stories, each one has its own precious uniqueness, and here we’ll sit by men and women who have something strong to tell us.

You’ll feel on your way even if you’re still in front of a screen, till the exciting day when you’ll also decide to take your first step and begin the journey.

A lot of people many times said to me: “take me walking with you!”. Here we are! Let’s walk togheter! Things for me start again from here, from “A walk to start again” , and nothing better could have happened to me! Deep down, happiness is always beside us: it’s up to us to make the right move to reach it! Let’s go!